Printable Art Calendar 2022 Letter


Printable Art Calendar 2022 Letter – for you to download and print!



Printable Art Calendar 2022 Letter – for you to download and print!

Early in 2021, a group of six woman artists, located in the Western Cape of South Africa, decided to put together an art calendar for the year 2022. This calendar is the result. Not only do you get a calendar (useful) but 12 diverse art prints with which to decorate your home or office space; there’s something for everyone!

We understand that freight costs from South Africa to other parts of the world are not financially viable for most people. Therefore, we have released this copy of the calendar for you to print at home. After downloading, you can either print it on your home printer or take the file to your local print shop for printing and binding.

As our artists have worked hard to make this calendar a reality, we ask that you respect their work. Please do not share the file with others. This file is for your personal use only. Your downloaded file is not for resale nor are any prints you should make from it. 

Printable Art Calendar 2022 Letter & Other Options

This downloadable calendar is intended for letter size paper.
If you would prefer to have the file for A4 paper, click here.
If you live in South Africa and would prefer a printed copy to be shipped to your door, click here


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