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The Advantages of Aluminium Door and Window Frames

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From the start of our container house project, our choice in door and window frames has been a no-brainer. There was no question between any of us as to what type of material we would choose for our frames between wood, steel or aluminium; we are using aluminium. There are so many advantages of using aluminium door and window frames on your projects, over wood or steel. Have a read and let us know what you would choose for your own projects!

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The Future of Concrete Using Plastic Waste

Future of concrete

By 2030, the UN is hoping that every individual country will be able to eliminate single-use plastic. That end goal is fantastic. However, It doesn’t do much for the tonnes and tonnes of plastic waste sitting in our land fills and city streets at this very moment. An innovative team has come up with an interesting solution. Their idea is use up this plastic waste in the building industry and their ideas are the future of concrete!

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Building Site Cooking Tips

building site cooking tips

For generations, people cooked their food with minimal kitchen equipment. I think that this proves that we need surprisingly little in order to have a workable kitchen. However, we have become accustomed to our many and varied kitchen gadgets and utensils, so the thought of not having all that equipment while living on a building site can be a bit daunting. This leads us to the question: What exactly do you need in order to cook while living on a building site? We decided to write up some of our building site cooking tips.

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Stacy’s Favourite DIY Tool

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Do we have a treat for you today! A guest post by Stacy of Sawdust & High Heels

We asked Stacy the question: What is your favourite DIY tool? Although she answered “paint”, which is not technically a “tool”, I can see where she’s going with this. Paint is the tool she uses to achieve the desired look and feel for a project she’s working on. She has had some amazing results.

Enough from me. Take it away, Stacy!

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The Shipping Container Scam

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If you’re looking to purchase shipping containers, now or in the future, for building a shipping container house or for storage, be very careful. The shipping container industry in South Africa lends itself to the perfect scam. There are unscrupulous individuals out there that are making use of the opportunity to take your money. 

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Super Interesting Welding Facts You Didn’t Know

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We will be building our new house out of metal boxes (a.k.a. shipping containers). There is, therefore, going to be quite a bit of welding involved so we thought we’d share with you some interesting facts about welding. You may be surprised to find out how fascinating this subject can be…

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Anvil Repair – Part Two

anvil repair

As you likely know, Kevin spent quite a lot of time making the new heel for his old, damaged anvil and spent even more time making the hardy hole for this anvil repair. Now all that was left was to assemble all the pieces to turn the broken chunk of steel into a working anvil that he can use to sharpen (is this a pun?) his blacksmith skills to the point of being able to make us awesome fittings for our container house project. 

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How To Repair An Anvil

repair an anvil part 2

Kevin has wanted to take up blacksmithing for a very long time, and has decided that the shipping container house project is the perfect excuse to finally start learning. Kevin is going to be using his newly acquired blacksmith skills to make accessories such as hinges, door handles, curtain rails, and other decorative details for the house. I really am so excited to see what he comes up with and of course to see the results of his hard work in use. But first, he had to repair an anvil. 

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