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Collecting Staircase Parts

We’re going up! In preparation for working on the fifth container, we have been collecting staircase parts. Our plan going forward is to get the guest room container clad and livable. This will give Kevin and myself somewhere to stay until we find the time to complete our east container. Our container is going to take some time still, and it’s quicker and easier for us to get the guest section done; very little electricity is required and no plumbing.

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Up-cycle Second Hand Broken Tiles

Not too long ago, Louis renovated a bathroom for one of Small Scale Engineering’s clients. The previous tiler used large, good quality ceramic tiles for this bathroom. Although all the tiles, but one, broke on removal, Louis brought the old tiles back home in the hopes that we might be able to use them on the Container House Project. How exactly would one up-cycle second hand broken tiles?

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Organising Building Materials

If you’ve never endured a major renovation project, you would probably not believe how much space building material can take up. This is definitely the case with us, especially as we have quite a lot of materials saved up for future sub-projects of the build. The only thing we could do, was spend some time organising building materials so that we could access it easily and keep our work environment safe for us all.

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Crazy Social Distancing Concrete Party

We found ourselves with a dilemma. Cindy’s time to move to The Container House Project has come sooner than expected. As you know, her private space, the north side, is not yet ready for habitation. Therefore, it’s full steam ahead on the work for her section. But, we are in the middle of a pandemic so what is the best way to go about getting some of the work done? Some out-the-box thinking was required and we had the idea to have a crazy social distancing concrete party.

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Our Old Wooden Door Repair

We were given a second hand, wooden, exterior door. Awesome! We needed one for the east container where Kevin and I will finally be living as we won’t be installing a sliding door for ourselves. Kevin was particularly happy. Older wooden doors are made from superior wood to the new ones currently on the market. However, we knew we’d have to expect to carry out a bit of wooden door repair work.

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The Container House Project Continues…

The south side/wing of our container house is about done for now, so we are moving onto the next section of our house project. This is the north side which will be Cindy’s private living space. It’s going to be very similar in shape and general layout to the south side, but in mirror image. Not only that, but we will be as incorporating as much of Cindy’s style into her space as possible. Can’t wait to get properly started on this next new section!

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We Have Reclaimed Crate Wood

One of the things we wanted to accomplish with the Container House Project, was to make it an as eco-friendly a project as possible. We used the scruffiest shipping containers we could find, we are using reclaimed wood for the frames in which the windows will fit, and many of our bathroom fixtures will be reclaimed from previous installations too. Last week, we had the opportunity to lay our hands on some reclaimed crate wood.

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