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Project Art Calendar 2022

This post about Project Art Calendar 2022 is a little different to our normal ones. But it is something quite exciting! I know you’ll enjoy reading about this little side quest. Over the last few months, I’ve been working on this project with five of my friends. We have all been hard at work producing some original art pieces for an art calendar for the year 2022.

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Repainting a Wine Half-Barrel Table

Kevin and I recently took a bit of a holiday and spent a week and a half socially distancing at self-catering holiday accommodation. If you’ve been wondering why we were so quiet, it’s because we were enjoying breath-taking views in the Vanrhynsdorp and Elgin areas of South Africa (road trip!). When we got back from our break, Kevin got straight back to work on electrics for the next section of the container house project. I decided to rather ease myself back into the work and helped Cindy repaint a wine half-barrel table.

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How To Survive Home Renovations

Home renovations are a nuisance. The thought of all the noise, dust, and inconvenience that seems to go on forever is enough to make many people postpone the work they would like done almost indefinitely. But, how do you survive home renovations if you decide to take the plunge, or if there’s a problem that requires urgent attention?

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Space Saving Ideas

One of the things I really struggle with, and has been a bit of a challenge while living on a building site, is when your things don’t have their own space. I like my stuff to have a “home”, so that I know exactly where to find it when I need it. Therefore, I’m really attracted to space saving ideas; those quirky designs that give a home to the things in your house.

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How Much Stuff Do We Need?

Having a large percentage of our possessions in storage has been very conducive to reflection on “stuff”. How much stuff do we need? With our living space much reduced while we build our container home, we had to be quite strict with ourselves in what we kept out to use, and what went into storage. It has been a good life lesson on learning to do with less.

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We Are Dealing with Mud

It’s winter in the Western Cape at the moment. With our Mediterranean climate, we are enjoying lots of rain. Lots of rain means lots of mud and this year the mud situation is quite crazy on our plot. If we are working outside on the container house project, we have to beware of slippery, squidgy, squishy mud. If we’re making our way indoors, we have to take care not to transport too much dirt inside. So, how do we go about dealing with mud?

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Nissan 1400 Project is Complete!

We have been very grateful to have another car with which to run errands and get to places. The Nissan 1400 that Kevin spent so many hours repairing, has proved to be such a fun little get-a-round vehicle. My favourite part of the project has been the interior, probably because I had a chance to work on this section of the restoration.

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