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An Architect Passionate About Container Homes

I may have mentioned before that one of the most exciting things about working on our shipping container home, is all the awesome businesses we are meeting and getting to work with. We recently came into contact with an architect passionate about Container Homes. Yes, we’re past that stage of our project, but how often does that happen; that you find someone as passionate about something that you are? Of course, we had to find out more in order to share the info with you, our readers, for your own projects.

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Announcing Our Structural Engineer!

structural engineer

We are finally able to release the details of our structural engineer! Quotes have been received, documents signed and deposits paid. Full steam ahead! We are very excited about this particular structural engineer, because Kevin has worked with him before on a project. Kevin and John work well together, so we expect that this part of the project will go smoothly. Without any further ado, may we present to you, John Moll of GM Civil Engineers.

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Plans Submission, Attempt Two

submitting plans

We were finally able to submit our plans to the Swartland Municipality for approval. If you read our previous article on our first attempt, you will know that this only means that our plans passed the scrutiny process. We still have to wait for the final approval before we can begin building. The plans submission process has been quite a steep learning curve for us, but this is an exciting moment because it means our house is one step closer to completion!

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Submitting Plans Attempt One – The Scrutiny

Submitting plans

We weren’t entirely sure how to go about submitting plans to the council, but one short phone call had us heading in the right direction. The first step, once the plans are drawn up, is to submit them for “scrutiny” – a word that conjours up thoughts of the kind of dingy rooms that have single flickering light-bulbs dangling from a wire. 

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Drawing House Plans for the Container House Project

Drawing house plans

Have you ever wondered why architects study for so many years? When it comes to house plans a lot has to be taken into consideration in order to have a finished house that is strong, safe and can withstand any geological and climate events that take place in the building-to-be’s area.

Other factors also have to be considered such as the soil type, existing structures, property boundaries, and the area’s legislation. One also has to factor in what is physically possible and building problems that might arise with unusual ideas and awkward plots (e.g. lots of boulders or a steep incline).

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The Container House Project – The Beginning

container house project beginning

What do you do when you have certain requirements for a house that doesn’t fit with any property currently for sale in your local city? You build one of course!  And that’s exactly what we are doing. Kevin, Louis, Gwen, Cindy and myself (Ashley) are building a house in a rural area of the Western Cape, and this is where the very beginning of our project starts.

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