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Our 2019 Accomplishments

Our last post for the year seems like a good time to actually look back and see exactly what our 2019 accomplishments were. At times, for us, it does seem like the project is moving at a painfully slow pace, but the reality is that it has been galloping along quite quickly. So herewith a bit of a review and a couple of never-before-seen photos of our progress!

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Container Home Entrance

We have a front door! It’s not completely finished yet, but Kevin and Louis have been working hard on our container home entrance. The results are fantastic so far, so I’m quite keen to see how the end result works out. Our entrance way fits the industrial look of the containers. The door is big and chunky just like a shipping container. Best of all, Kevin has designed the entrance so that we will be out of the rain when we are locking and unlocking our new front door.

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An Architect Passionate About Container Homes

I may have mentioned before that one of the most exciting things about working on our shipping container home, is all the awesome businesses we are meeting and getting to work with. We recently came into contact with an architect passionate about Container Homes. Yes, we’re past that stage of our project, but how often does that happen; that you find someone as passionate about something that you are? Of course, we had to find out more in order to share the info with you, our readers, for your own projects.

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Professional Grinder Giveaway

Giveaway closed.

Another year has sped by. We have accomplished a lot on the Container House Project over the last few months. What better way to celebrate than to host a giveaway? We’re so pleased to announce this year’s prize. Don’t miss out and sign up for our Bosch Professional grinder giveaway because even if you personally don’t want a grinder, we bet you know someone who does.

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Framing; Preparing to Clad Above the Containers

Progress is going well on the cladding of the shipping containers with the fibre cement boards. It’s easy to attach the boards to the containers themselves. However, you might recall that there’s a lot of fresh air between the top of the container and the underside of the arched roof. Obviously the boards can’t attach to nothing. So, what did we do? That’s where framing comes in…

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