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How to Fit PVC Ceilings

All our electrics start off at the main distribution board and then spread out to smaller distribution boards in other areas of the house. This allows us to isolate any electrical fault and fix it, should the need arise. We didn’t want to do too much living around the main DB, so have built a tiny laundry room around the main distribution board. We will, in time, be using this little room to experiment with several ideas we have on finishes. But in the meantime, it’s a good opportunity to show you how to fit PVC Ceilings.

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Collecting Finishing Materials

It seems rather strange to me that the week after I have posted an article about minimalism, I’m posting an article about collecting finishing materials in order to complete the south container on our container home. However, the materials we bought are necessary and it’s quite exciting for us to have all the boxes arrive, ready for installation.

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