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A Shipping Container Delivery for our House Project

shipping container house delivery of containers

After much anticipation we had a shipping container delivery take place at our house site. This delivery marks the arrival of the first two containers that will actually eventually be used as living space. A very exciting moment in the beginning stages of our container house project!

Shipping Container Delivery Lead Up

The two containers had to move quite some distance. Emails were furiously being sent back and forth between all the parties for a few days beforehand, and then some more on the big day, to ensure a smooth delivery. 

I sat at my computer, monitoring my email and cellphone for communications. Kevin conveyed information via Whatsapp in regards to the collection point. Louis was on site, preparing for the delivery, his phone easily accessible in his pocket. Container King, the company that helped us move the containers, was keeping constant contact with myself, the truck drivers and the contacts at the collection point. 

Shipping Container Delivery Day

offloading the first shipping containerAll the many emails and cellphone messages paid off. Before we knew it, the two containers were loaded onto trucks and a convoy of two trucks and the crane were on the roads on their way to our property. 

Off-loading took place without too much drama. Our wash line got clipped by a truck but it’s sitting right in the middle of the yard, exactly where our new house will be so it will need to be moved in any case. 

offloading the second shipping container

Sad and Neglected Shipping Containers

When Kevin and I finally got home, it was already dark, but I didn’t wait to take an opportunity to take a solar lantern and go check out the two containers. As you can probably see in the photos, these containers have been handled quite roughly in the past and were used as shops or something similar.

Shipping containers for house awaiting their future

Sadly for these two containers, they had since been used by squatters and the smell emanating from the dark interior wasn’t exactly that of fresh roses. However, we know that some Jeyes Fluid and a power wash (with lots of safety equipment) will solve that problem and soon no-one will ever know how these poor abused shipping containers stood all forlorn and smelling worse than our neighbour’s goats. 

Thanks to Gwen for the photos. 

Fun Fact: A standard 40′ (12m) shipping container weighs 3.8 tonnes. 

Shipping Container Delivery by Container King

If you’re looking to move a container yourself, we highly recommend Container King. Their service was impeccable. They responded to our emails quickly and were always friendly and helpful in answering our many questions. They also offer container conversions and container rentals.  Find their contact details here

5 thoughts on “A Shipping Container Delivery for our House Project

  1. So exciting! Just think, in a few years’ time you’ll have a full-blown house in that spot and it will be surreal to think that it was once a nearly-empty plot with two shipping containers sitting in it! Glad you found a reliable company to handle the container delivery too – that’s so important when you’re trying to coordinate so many other new-home matters at the same time.

    1. It does seem a bit unreal at the moment, yes. We are very grateful to have found a reliable transport company for the shipping containers, especially as we need a few more delivered.

  2. I can’t wait to see how these ordinary containers gets transformed into something spectacular!

    1. And I can’t wait to share it with you!

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