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Book Giveaway! Langbourne by Alan P. Landau

book giveaway lanbourne alan p. landau

Giveaway closed.

It’s winter in Cape Town. The weather is cold and wet. The sun goes down early so our work days cannot last too long. After a hard, cold and damp day of labour, there’s nothing better than being warm under a blanket while reading an excellent book. And so, we kick off our second giveaway – an awesome book, set in the wild continent of Africa. Let me introduce to you, Alan P. Landau’s Langbourne series! 

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Read on to find out more about the book, the author and the series.  

Book Giveaway – About the Book

Langbourne is the first book in a series of books based on the lives of two brothers who made Southern Africa their home in the late 1800s. 

The year is 1891, and two young boys (aged only 15 and 16) escape the poverty, cold and hunger of Ireland to find a new life in South Africa.  

Without friend or family at their destination, they start a tobacco business and learn to adapt to the way of life, the cultures and wildlife of a very new and strange world.  ​

The Langbourne series is based on a true story.

Book Giveaway – About the Series

There are currently four books in the series:

  • Langbourne
  • Langbourne’s Rebellion
  • Langbourne’s Empire
  • Langbourne’s Evolution

book giveaway reading bookI really enjoy this series. It is fascinating reading about life for these boys in a South Africa that is much wilder than our own. It is also interesting to read about the 1890’s versions of places I know. 

I am therefore extremely excited to launch this competition for our readers and am offering you a chance to win your own copy of the first in the series – Langbourne.

Book Giveaway – About the Author

Alan Landau was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) in 1959. He migrated to Brisbane, Australia in 2001 where he currently lives. 

Alan began his working career as a member of the British South African Police (formerly BSAC), but has worked in the tobacco industry, travel, tourism, hotel, property, financial and retail sectors. He has served his communities via Rotary International with focus on the Rotary Youth Exchange program. 

​Currently, Alan is semi-retired and spends his time pursuing his hobbies of writing, travelling, wildlife and ornithology with his wife Sharon. 

You can read more about Alan’s life on his website. His books are available for purchase as paperbacks, audio-books and e-books

You can also find him on the following social media links:

Instagram @landaubooks
Twitter @landaubooks

Book Giveaway – Win a Copy of Langbourne by Alan P. Landau!

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A huge thank you to the author, Alan P. Landau, for sponsoring us a copy of his awesome book as a prize. 

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