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The Changing Seasons on our Plot

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We’ve been living out in the countryside for six months now, and have had the privilege of enjoying several seasons already. The changes that come with the seasons have seemed much more real than it did when we lived in Cape Town. It has been a wonder-filled journey and I’ve been absolutely loving it! Here are some of the nature-filled experiences we got to enjoy.

We moved to our new property at the beginning of April, after a very hot and dry summer. Everything was dry, brown and dusty. The ground had baked as hard as bricks. We had a bit of an issue with flies. So, let’s skip straight to winter.

Changing Seasons: Winter

changing seasonsIt wasn’t long before the first winter rains fell. With the relief of this much needed water, the ground exploded into life and we suddenly had plants growing everywhere. Not only that, but we started seeing creatures that had seemed absent over the previous long dry days. 

Where exactly do toads hide over the summer months? This one was particularly friendly and happy to sit in my hand, as you can see.

Water Life

We have a ditch that runs down the length of the property from the back fence to the gate where it meets up with the ditch that runs along the road. Just before we moved in, some roadworks had been completed in the area, including on our road. Therefore, the ditch on our property was now deeper than the main ditch, so we had rain water collecting at the front of our property, making a small dam.

changing seasonsWe soon had tadpoles. It was very exciting. I was looking forward to watching them grow up and turn into toads; Kevin not-so-much as he awaited a plague of biblical proportions. Sadly, they didn’t make it as there was a week of unseasonably warm weather and the puddles dried up two days before we had more rain. 

Arum Lilies 

But there were other things to watch. Arum lilies began to spring up and we waited for the first flowers to bloom, with great-anticipation. 

I am pretty sure that Arum Lilies are what gets those that live in the Western Cape through the cold and wet Cape winters. We love seeing them growing on verges, besides the highways, and almost everywhere that you look.

changing seasons

A Small Problem

The ditch, while full of fresh water was quite picturesque. The dogs had a great time jumping from one bank to the other and hunting in the puddles for toads. However, as the winter rain began to dwindle, the water in the ditch grew stagnant and began to smell. We were left with evil green mud at the bottom which is now drying further and beginning to crack. 

changing seasonsKevin began looking for solutions to this problem. Our plot is in a bit of a dip in the land so the ditch is a necessity. Without it, all the rain water from the surrounding plots would sit in our yard with nowhere to go. However, as it is now, it’s a bit of a health hazard and a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other similar insects.

After much deliberation, Kevin finally has a solution. We are going to lay large diameter water pipe and fill over the top. We will include gullies so that the water can flow into the pipe and be directed down to the main municipal ditch. To do that we need to hire a TLB. There is a lot of grading work to be done, before we can pour concrete, as the ground is uneven, so we’ll do all of this at the same time. Further details on a future post. Watch this space…

changing seasonChanging Seasons: Spring

Before we knew it, the days began to lengthen and the temperatures began to rise. Spring had arrived, and with it all plants began producing flowers. We cut a lot of the undergrowth down with the brush cutter, but we didn’t cut all of it. We mostly just cut the plants where we need to drive and park the cars and where we need to walk around to get to the wash-line, etc. 

I am so glad we didn’t! The spring flowers are beautiful!

Little spots of colour started appearing between all the green. Delicate little white flowers, like the one on the left and tall red ones waving in the wind greet us every time we walk outside. Beauty surrounds us!


We also have the yellow daisy-type flowers that are a common spectacle in the Western Cape at this time of year. The dogs, of course, are loving running around in the flowers. I think they are also enjoying the warmer weather.

changing seasons

Changing Seasons – Other Things we Noticed

goat kid changing seasonsIt’s not only on our property that we noticed these changes. Even on our drive in and out of Cape Town has brought us different vistas as the weeks progress. 

In the middle of winter, everything was a bright, emerald green and the abundance of green was almost overwhelming. We’ve watched the crops grow and turn yellow. The fields are currently a much less intense green, now spotted with purple, red and yellow flowers.

We have seen fields after the harvest and the resultant bales of hay drying out in the sun. We have watched the goats and the sheep grow rounder and rounder before giving birth. Then almost overnight, there were lambs and kids dotted around the fields, playing and head-butting each other. We arrived home one evening to find that the flock of sheep that often graze in the field opposite our house had been shorn. 

And so the cycle of life continues, in time with the ever-changing seasons.


35 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons on our Plot

  1. It looks fantastic, definitely better than city living!

    1. They both have their advantages but I’ve always considered myself more of a country person 😁 Thanks for reading.

  2. How lovely! Thank you for sharing this

    1. Thank you for reading! 😊

  3. That looks awesome.!

    1. It really is 😁

  4. I really do miss farm life. Once it is in your blood it will always be in your veins. I miss tranquil nights, the bird life and the feeling of space and being free.

    1. Strangely some people do prefer city life! πŸ˜•πŸŒƒ

  5. I love seeing the nature photos of how the seasons change. Must be great living on a plot.

    1. I do have friends who think we are a bit crazy. But we enjoy it. I am glad you enjoyed the photos 😊

  6. I am pleased to say that although I live in the city, I have a large vegetable garden that allows me to find contact with the earth and to be able to eat a lot of what I produce!

    1. That is excellent. I bet your produce tastes a lot nicer than store bought. πŸ…

  7. It is so interesting to watch plant flourish during specific seasons!!! I don’t want to think about spring right now though, cause I am just loving the fall at this current moment!

    1. We are currently in the heat of summer and it is very warm today! Hard to imagine fall when you’re this hot!

  8. Changing seasons on a countryside plot is something everyone should experience. I grew up similarly in the Appalachian mountains is southwest VA and can attest that it is truly something to be appreciated.

    1. That sounds absolutely amazing! I’ve never been to America but the photos I’ve seen of the mountains there are spectacular.

  9. The glooming the flowers its all so beautiful. I cannot imagine the stress you must go throught to maintain it.

    1. We haven’t actually started any landscaping yet so those were all wild flowers – the best kind (no work) πŸ˜€

  10. Changing seasons are so beautiful. I wish we had more of springs here because I love spring. The flowers look so beautiful.

    1. It really is beautiful. I don’t like spring so much because I suffer quite badly with hay fever during the season but the beauty does make up for that somewhat. My favourite season is autumn/fall.

  11. I love all the seasons. There’s something special about them all. I think its wonderful how you’ve turned your little plot of land into a thriving place for nature.

    1. Well, at the moment our plot has huge holes dug in it as we’ve had to do some earthworks in preparation for our house. I am sure some nature had to suffer as a result πŸ™

  12. Wow! I like your nature photo! Changing seasons. How I wish here in my country we have a spring season. By the way I’ am from Philippines πŸ™‚

    1. The Philippines has its own beauty. I’ve seen photos and would love to visit one day. πŸ™‚

  13. there are pros and cons to each side but looks like you’re loving it!

  14. I loooove watching nature change with the seasons! I’ve always planned to live somewhere tropical, where it’s practically one season all year, but then I start to think I might miss the seasons. It’s just so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I think you would miss the seasons too πŸ˜πŸŒ…

  15. Life is all about change so you might as well embrace it and try to adapt and overcome.

  16. The countryside is beautiful, and I love it. Living in the city though is a bit different and we don’t get to have those greens, andd fresh air. But I have my own mini garden.

    1. Your own mini garden is the next best thing! 🐝

  17. This is so very beautifu. I love the changing of the seasons and all the different colors and things that you notice with each one.

    1. Its definitely worth keeping your eyes open 😁🐦

  18. I love living somewhere where you can experience all of the seasons. It definitely is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is not quite as intense as some places (it doesn’t snow here) but still awesome πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦‹

  19. Changing seasons are so beautiful. I love that blooming flowers you have. Oh my god! I want to have a garden on my house also. Thanks for sharing.

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