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Top Tip! How to Move Large Boards

Have you ever had to move a full sheet of of chipboard (USA = particle board), OSB, fibre cement boards, or something similar? If you have, you will know that they can be quite heavy and awkward to carry. Whenever we have to move large boards of any description, I will admit, I feel a bit anxious.

It can be a bit daunting to move large boards for reasons other than just the size and weight. If they are being moved outside, wind can often be a contributing factory to the difficulties. Cape Town’s wind is often blustery, and of course, a large flat surface will catch those gusts of wind. Chipboard and plywood have the additional issue of the possibility of splinters. Gloves are recommended.

move a large board with g-clamp handle

Fibre cement boards are even worse as they are prone to crack. They flex quite easily, but go too far and they snap. The thinner the board, the greater the chance of them snapping. The thicker the board, the heavier they are. No winning here!

If only such boards came with handles.

The Solution: Move Large Boards With G-Clamps

The solution is one that surprised me. This simple solution makes moving large boards so much easier. Believe it or not, a G-clamp is the perfect handle. You can attach it at exactly the correct height for you, in order to make it easier to carry. Once the board has been relocated, all you do is remove the G-clamp. That’s it!

Use a g-clamp as a handle on a large board to move it
It’s this simple

Surprisingly, correct use of this solution seldom leaves any trace, and this includes dents! Obviously, if your G-clamps are dirty, or if you do over-torque the clamp, you do run the risk of leaving marks and dents, but this is easily avoided.

The next time you have to move a large board, give us a thought, as our G-Clamp top tip might just come in handy.

move large board with g-clamp
We’re off to move more boards! See ya!

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  1. So clever! Such lateral thinking!

    1. It’s made a big difference for me!

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