Green Planet Laundry
33 Mobile Rd
Airport Industria
Cape Town

Green Planet Laundry have provided a laundry solution for Cape Town that helps save water and the environment. This laundromat has an amazing system that uses ground water, recycled water, ozone and solar energy for washing laundry.

Update 12 November 2018: Green Planet Laundry are no longer offering a free collection and delivery service for domestic laundry due to the increasing petrol prices and reduction of water restrictions in Cape Town. They are currently focusing their efforts on commercial laundry (eg, the hospitality industry).
021 3800 339
021 3800 309

The Spindel has some great energy saving benefits and offers help to get clothes dry. It has many other features too. 

4.5kg or 6.5kg Load Capacity
Ideal for any machine or hand-washed laundry
2800rpm – double the spin power of most washing machines
Highly energy efficient
Air dry laundry faster or run a much shorter cycle in the tumble dryer
Removes residual detergents from laundry
Surprisingly quiet
Safe for delicate items
0860 555 135