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We Are Dealing with Mud

It’s winter in the Western Cape at the moment. With our Mediterranean climate, we are enjoying lots of rain. Lots of rain means lots of mud and this year the mud situation is quite crazy on our plot. If we are working outside on the container house project, we have to beware of slippery, squidgy, squishy mud. If we’re making our way indoors, we have to take care not to transport too much dirt inside. So, how do we go about dealing with mud?

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The Changing Seasons on our Plot

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We’ve been living out in the countryside for six months now, and have had the privilege of enjoying several seasons already. The changes that come with the seasons have seemed much more real than it did when we lived in Cape Town. It has been a wonder-filled journey and I’ve been absolutely loving it! Here are some of the nature-filled experiences we got to enjoy.

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Weed Control. Petrol Brush Cutter from Adendorff

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When we look back at our older posts, such as the one about digging holes for the container footings, it’s amazing to see how green our yard is now in comparison to when we moved onto the property. A few months of rain and we have grass and weeds growing up to our knees! We decided we had to do something about this lush foliage. A petrol powered brush cutter was our solution to the problem.

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