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DIY: A Water Saving Shower Head

Supersoft turbo shower head

We recently attended Decorex 2018 at the CTICC, here in Cape Town. The Decorex is a great place to hunt for inspirational products to use in our shipping container house project as well as innovative DIY products for our readers. We found a feature-rich shower head that would be of particular interest to Cape Town residents. Once again we are facing rumours of yet another water tariff increase. Therefore a water saving shower head is of interest.

Our showers go something like this in order to keep under our ration of 50 litres of water per day per person: Get wet, switch off the water, soap up, switch on the water and rinse off. However, this process is now becoming more difficult for some Cape Town residents as our water pressure continues to drop. Showers located on upper floors in houses and apartment blocks are struggling to produce any water at all. We can only imagine that this will get worse as our water pressure is further reduced.

The Water Saving Supersoft Turbo Shower Head

The importers of the Supersoft Turbo Shower Head reckon that their shower head can save you up to 30% of the water used by a standard shower head. This is because of the particularly small perforations in this shower head. As less water is needed to build up enough pressure to force water through the perforations, even a lower initial water pressure will result in good water flow.

Most shower heads require larger holes because of limescale and other mineral build-up.

So, How Does the Supersoft Turbo Shower Head Prevent Limescale Build-Up?

As you can see in the photo, this shower head (which is transparent) is filled with small round stones of various minerals. As the water passes over the brown mineral stones, lime and other hard water deposits are removed making the water softer and less likely to clog the perforations in the shower head. The grey mineral stones remove some of the harsh chemicals found in municipal water, such as chlorine. This makes the water more gentle on your skin. Finally the white mineral stones oxidizes the water.

If the manufacturers are confident enough to sell a unit with such tiny perforations, there must be some truth to the theory.

water saving shower head
Even a low pressure pump used at an expo results in a good flow rate on this shower head

Care of the Supersoft Turbo Shower Head

The suppliers suggest that you clean the mineral stones in vinegar and water every six months to remove the minerals that build up inside the unit. As this shower head is transparent, it is easy to keep an eye on the state of the minerals. 

An Additional Feature

This rather interesting shower head has one more interesting feature. It has a couple of different settings for different types of water flow. Adjust it easily to suit your preferences.

My Thoughts on the Supersoft Turbo Shower Head

This is definitely an interesting shower head and the transparent plastic is quite unusual. It would make a feature of the shower in anyone’s bathroom and I am quite keen to try it out. As we aren’t anywhere near considering the bathrooms in our container project, this is an item we will consider purchasing at a later stage.

The sales rep at the Decorex told us that in Europe municipal water pressure is lower than the water pressure usually found in South African cities. Therefore, shower heads such as this one are quite common in Europe. If you are an overseas reader, please let us know if this is fact and your thoughts on this water saving device. 

This shower head is not available directly through the importers. You can purchase it from selected Mica Hardware stores. 

Please note that this is not a sponsored post.

3 thoughts on “DIY: A Water Saving Shower Head

  1. Very innovative – and stylish too. I like how they make the beads a feature, rather than hiding them away. I’m sure you’re looking forward to doing your bathroom!

    1. When I think about all the things I’m looking forward to doing I get so excited! You are right – bathroom is on the list. But no spoilers now.

  2. You can actually order online thru EURODIRECT MARKETING or call 0743178366 or 0114656271

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