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Meet our Blog-Bot & Win a Container House Project T-Shirt

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Giveaway Closed.

You may have noticed our new blog-bot appearing on some of our recent posts. His first appearance was on the post about the anvil repair. Here’s your chance to meet this little character and help us come up with a name. We’re also giving away a Container House Project T-shirt! 

A Quick Blog-bot Game

The blog-bot was designed by artist Kerrythe Mahaffey and she used inspiration from this blog to design him. Other than the obvious nuts and bolts for legs and the gear (a recurring theme on this website), can you figure out what the inspiration was? You’ll find the answers at the end of this post.

Here are some clues…

  1. His head has something to do with what we used to prepare for the footings and check out our soil type. (Original post)
  2. His neck has to do with a DIY article we wrote on fixing a damaged water pipe. (Original post)
  3. His body is made out of a piece of metal cut from a… (original post)

I’m sure you didn’t find that too difficult. 

Win A Container House Project T-Shirt

Container House Project T-shirtOur blog-bot needs a name. Leave a comment below with your suggestion and if we choose your suggestion as our blog-bot’s official name, we’ll send you a Container House Project t-shirt in your size. How cool is that?

Please note that we can only ship to South African addresses. Therefore, only South African residents are eligible to win a t-shirt.

We can’t wait to see your name ideas!

Scroll down for the answers to the game above.

Edit: We decided upon Bolt for our blog-bot’s name. Thank you to Judy for the suggestion! 







Game Answers

  1. His head is the head of a shovel
  2. The neck is the compression/Conex fitting we used to repair the pipe
  3. His body is made out of a piece of metal from the side of a shipping container

8 thoughts on “Meet our Blog-Bot & Win a Container House Project T-Shirt

  1. Bolt the blog-bot

    1. Brilliant suggestion. We’re off to a good start! 🙂

  2. Metalhead

    1. Hilarious. That could work… 😀

  3. The Panic Mechanic

    1. That’s a movie! 😀

  4. He is corrugated man so call him Corrie

    1. What a brilliant idea!

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