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The Stress of Transporting Shipping Containers

transporting shipping containers

We’ve been collecting shipping containers for our house project over the last year and recently we’ve had another two delivered to our property. As exciting as it is having the containers arrive on site, I find delivery day quite tense. So, we thought we’d tell you about the stress of transporting shipping containers.

Self-Induced Stress of Transporting Shipping Containers

Okay, confession time… Most of the stress has actually been self-induced. Just after we moved, we found a 12m shipping container going for a bargain price. We snatched it up as quickly as we could before someone else got to it. But then found ourselves in the tricky situation of not being able to transport it to site because of roadworks right outside our gate. We did not want the heavy trucks and cranes to damage the unfinished road, so we postponed delivery.

transporting shipping containers
Several tonnes of container hanging on a few cables

The time just never seemed right to arrange the transport. Thankfully the sellers were happy to keep it for us and so we continued to postpone the delivery. Before we knew it, ten months had passed and we were starting to become a little nervous. If things went wrong, would we be able to prove we owned the container? Would a huge bill for “storage” now confront us?

transporting shipping container disconnecting cables
Disconnecting the cables

Finally! Time for Transporting Shipping Containers

We recently found another bargain shipping container for sale so decided that we would transport the one we had bought some time ago together with the current purchase. If there were any problems, we’d face it when it came up. Over the past few months, we had asked if it was still okay for us to leave the container where it was. We had been told it was fine, so we hoped it would be.

The go-ahead to transport the two containers was given to our friends at Container King. We waited for the arrangements to be made with bated breath.

To our relief, there were no issues and we could go ahead with the collection and delivery of both containers. But that wasn’t the end of our anxiety.

transporting shipping containers
The second container arrives and is ready to be removed from the truck

Estimated Time of Arrival is Uncertain

We know on what day our containers would be collected and delivered, but we wouldn’t know what time they would reach our site. That makes it a little difficult to plan the day. The truck drivers are at the mercy of traffic and other hold-ups that may occur during the day. Waiting for the container to arrive gives one more time to worry about it. Will the driver of the truck misjudge and damage our gate? Will the dogs escape and get hurt? Perhaps the truck would be hi-jacked, or accidentally fall into a wormhole!

Nothing of the sort happened. We had another uneventful container delivery thanks to Container King and their proactive approach. The containers were delivered on their designated days and we are another step closer to completion on our shipping container house project!

Another safe delivery!

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  1. Very exciting to have your two new containers – and a relief that the purchase, storage, transport and delivery all went smoothly! I bet you feel a whole lot more relaxed now!

    1. I do! But it’s not yet the end of the deliveries.

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