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Preparing for Positioning the Shipping Containers

preparing for positioning the shipping containers header

We spent a few days preparing for positioning the shipping containers. We needed to make the yard safe for the trucks and do the final bit of work on the footings so that the containers can be anchored securely to the pins.

Preparing the Yard

It would be dangerous for the container truck and crane to drive around the yard with holes around the footings. I can’t imagine how bad it would be if a truck drove into a hole. So, the first priority is to close up the holes. Louis spent some time with the Jumping Jack again. He made sure that those holes were well compacted and therefore safe for the trucks.

preparing for shipping container positioning by filling and compacting holes

Attaching Metal Base Plates

The next job we had to do was to attach the metal base plates to the top of the footings. So, one overcast morning, we go to work. Kevin will weld the shipping containers to the metal plates.

Now was the time to also do final leveling, so that the top of every footing is exactly level with every other one. We did this with concrete and the dumpy level. After scooping a bit of concrete to the top of the footing, we placed the metal base plate on top. We then leveled it by adding or removing wet concrete. When it was exactly right, Louis bolted down the plate using a nut and the threaded rod/pin sticking out of the top of the footing.

dumpy level for shipping container footings

Kevin operated the dumpy level. Louis dealt with the concrete. My gum boots and I were on “graduated staff” (giant ruler) duty. I had to keep the ruler completely vertical on the plate by using a corner spirit level while Kevin took readings.

view through dumpy level

Kevin’s rather hilarious view of my head through the dumpy level. You can see the cross-hairs where you would take the reading.

preparations for positioning of shipping containers

Bolting down the plate.

footing plates ready for positioning the shipping containers

The final result, ready for the shipping container. The longer pins will be cut shorter so that the trucks can drive directly over them if necessary.

Now that we have finished preparing for positioning the shipping containers, we can sit back and await the arrival of the last container. On the day that it arrives, all the containers that we have been collecting over the last year will be put into place ready for work on our house to continue! It’ll be an exciting day.

6 thoughts on “Preparing for Positioning the Shipping Containers

  1. Exciting times!!

    1. It definitely is! 😊🏠

  2. Yay! So exciting to see the project moving forward like this. Can’t wait for the next installment

    1. Us too! It’s getting really exciting!

  3. That must have been a pretty hair-raising operation, knowing how precise everything had to be. Well done for getting it done with no dramas or meltdowns (or were there a few that you haven’t told us about?)

    1. Actually this was the smoothest section so far 🤣🤣

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