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Off The Shelf Container Homes

off the shelf container homes

We have decided to jump in the deep end and build our own house out of shipping containers. But what do you do if you want to live in a shipping container house but don’t wish to do all the work yourself? You need some kind of off-the-shelf container homes solution. My Container Home is a company advertising just such a solution.

When we were doing some research regarding container homes, we came across My Container Home who are advertising “plug and play” container house solutions. We thought it was a fascinating concept so contacted them for some more information. Deon was more than happy to provide some information to share with our readers for their interest.

Off the Shelf Container Homes By My Container Home

By Deon Van Deventer

When you start planning your dream off the grid home, it all seems so wonderful, easy and uncomplicated.

  1. Decide where you want to live
  2. Pan your house
  3. Build it
  4. Move in and live happily ever after
My container home exterior shipping container house off-the-shelf plug-and-play home

Such a pity that the journey before you move in can be extremely complicated, difficult, frustrating, and damn near impossible if you want to use a non-traditional building method.

We build homes from used shipping containers. We have an architect plan them, we get the plans approved and we build the homes. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well.. if it was easy, everyone would do it. The process is fraught with roadblocks and problems. The general feeling at the local councils used to be “if it is new, it is wrong”.

This point of view is slowly changing in South Africa. In the last few years new building methods and materials have been getting a lot more positive feedback from the local authorities. The general consensus is changing to “make it look good, and make it safe… then it is OK”.

When you decide to build a container home it is essential that you contact your local authorities in order to ascertain whether you are allowed to build or install a container home. Please do not make the mistake of buying one, and having to re-sell it because you are not allowed to have one in your area. My Container Home can help with the process if required.

Building Green

A container home is built with Off-Grid Living in mind. We plan every aspect of the home with that in mind. From the electrical installation to the insulation, we make the process of living off grid very easy. Our homes can operate with less than a R150 pm electrical bill. Off Grid solar power is an optional extra, but can be installed and connected within a day. We provide discounted solar options for all our homes.

A further option is gas hot water heaters and gas stoves; an essential part of any off-grid installation.

My container home kitchen shipping container house off-the-shelf plug-and-play home

When you plan your container home, do not go cheap on insulation. We use Mineral Wool insulation which is ideally suited for the South African climate. This is one of the most important parts of building a container home. Insulate well, and live comfortably. Also consider installing a roof over your container home. It seems like a big expense but this is an essential element for protecting your container home from the elements as well as temperature regulation in your home.

We have a few standard design container homes, but we do cater for the special designs and requirements that our clients demand. A standard single or double container home is generally installed within 30 – 45 days from order. We build off-site and deliver the homes ready to move in. No fuss, no mess.

We install our homes throughout South Africa, and also export to Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Our single container homes are Plug and Play. They can be installed, and ready to move in within a day from delivery.

For more information on the off-the-shelf container homes, financing, planning and designs, please email

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Disclaimer: This is not a paid article/advert. In no way are we or Small Scale Engineering at all affiliated with My Container Home.

4 thoughts on “Off The Shelf Container Homes

  1. Looks very good, I would not mind living in a ‘container home’. Glad that the Municipalities are opening their minds to allowing decent ‘well constructed’ container homes.

    1. I agree! And it’s quite an exciting concept to think about the future of housing with all the new ideas that are around.

  2. It’s great that they’ve managed to break through the “If it’s new, it’s wrong” obstacle. Creative solutions can be game-changers, if people are only willing to be a bit open to novelty!
    Also, the “buy it cheap, buy it twice” thing – so true, especially with a long-term investment like a home.

    1. And in a country with a huge housing shortage problem, the fact that it is quick is also huge. Like you say – a game changer.

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