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Container Home Window Installation

Our container home window installation couldn’t be going better! We have already installed about eight windows. The plans we made to solve the problems are working really well. Now that we have some windows installed, our house is looking more like a house every day.

Solving Problems with the Container Home Window Installation

If you remember from our previous article regarding the windows dilemma, we had a couple of problems to solve. The biggest problem was this: How do you install the straight edges of an aluminium window in the corrugated sides of a steel shipping container?

We also needed to stop any galvanic corrosion between the steel of the container and the aluminium of the window frames. Believe it or not, when two dissimilar metals are touching, it speeds up the rusting process. When your house is essentially a steel box, you don’t want this happening.

This Wikipedia article on galvanic corrosion is super interesting if you like technical details. It interesting to read how the Statue of Liberty has been affected by this. You can also see the effect yourself at home if you’re willing to sacrifice a lasagna. (Me = Never!)

We came to the conclusion that the best solution would be to put a wooden “interface” between the containers and the aluminium window frames. So, that’s what we did.

Preparing for Installation

As you know from a previous post, it was easy to create a frame for the windows in the open sections above the containers. Kevin made sure he catered for the windows when he welded the framing into place.

And for the containers themselves? When cutting sections from sides of the containers for the windows, Kevin and Louis cut several tags out of the sides and bent them back. We are using these to screw the interface frames to the containers. Ingenious!

Tag to mount window to shipping container house
Oops! Looks like we missed a spot of paint there!

A couple of the containers already have windows cut out of them. The original windows don’t quite match up to where our windows will be fitted. Where there is a gap, Kevin welded in some steel square tubing.

The Container Home Window Installation Process

Prepare your wooden frame and paint with wood primer.

Remove one side of the interface frame. Slide the aluminium window into the wooden frame.

Replace the side of the interface frame and attach with screws.

container home window installation

Attach the windows by screwing the interface frame to the tags and square tubing previously prepared.

The best bit? In order to make the interface frames, we used up some reclaimed meranti for some of the frames and for the rest, we’re using the laminated planks we got from stripping the OSB crates. And, not only that; we also reused some of the screws that we took out of the crates. How awesome is that?

Is That it?

Our windows are going in fast, and we’re really pleased with our container home window installation, but we have not yet finished all the work. Once all the exterior and interior cladding is finished, the windows will be very secure in their places. We then need to plug up any gaps with silicone (as one would with any window installation). We will also be attaching aluminium angle over the wooden interface frames to protect them from the elements and to add a decorative feature to the windows.

But more on that another time…

Container home window installation
The east side of the building is looking magnificent!

6 thoughts on “Container Home Window Installation

  1. Wow!, its really taking shape, looks really good. You should do a ‘documentary video’ on this as you go forward to its finish. I am sure it would get ‘world wide’ interest on You Tube. 🙂

    1. It quite probably would as there are a few people doing that! 🎬 Not sure if we have the right kind of “stage presence” though 🤔

  2. It looks like quite finicky work, getting the various surfaces to match up, but those windows look great. It really is starting to look like a house!

    1. It is indeed! The windows are filling me with joy! 😁

  3. How do you seal/flash/waterproof around and between the window and the container?

    1. We are going to attach aluminium angle around the edge, which will make a neat frame for the window. Then any gaps left over we will fill with paintable acrylic sealant (caulking, I think it’s called, if you are in the USA)

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