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Space Saving Ideas

One of the things I really struggle with, and has been a bit of a challenge while living on a building site, is when your things don’t have their own space. I like my stuff to have a “home”, so that I know exactly where to find it when I need it. Therefore, I’m really attracted to space saving ideas; those quirky designs that give a home to the things in your house.

Small Scale Engineering has been busy with jobs for clients, so other than collecting materials for the container house project, we have not had too much time to work on the project itself. That, of course, means a bit of time for me to look for inspiration!

We bought quite a lot of reclaimed marine plywood that we will be using for interior cladding on the arcs above the shipping containers.

The Best Saving Idea of All

Of course, the best saving idea of them all is rather obvious. Don’t keep rubbish. Keeping things you are never going to use again is only going to take up space that could be used for something more useful. I think we all have one of those drawers in which all sorts of miscellaneous bits and pieces end up, such as unused chopsticks, promotional items you received at work, broken items you intend to mend, lost buttons, packets of tomato sauce from the last hamburger you ordered, etc.

Back to Those Quirky Ideas

It’s amazing what you can do with some planks of wood and drawer runners. Some out-the-box thinking will provide you with unusual shelves that are great for books, toilet paper, and keepsakes from the previous holiday you took. Not only do space saving ideas create homes for your possessions but it also makes your home more unique to you. That’s why I love them.

I have been looking forward to incorporating unique space saving ideas of our own in our new house. Herewith some inspiration for your own home.

2 thoughts on “Space Saving Ideas

  1. It’s great that you’re starting from scratch, so you’ll be able to implement space-saving design right from the beginning, rather than trying to shoehorn it in later. Hopefully your solutions will allow you to keep a clear, uncluttered home. (But of course remind yourselves regularly of “The Best Saving Idea of All”!)

    1. I know! It’s so awesome! 😁

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