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Welding the Carport

It’s probably going to be a while before we can put up the garage for all our cars. Therefore Kevin has been working on welding the carport for us to use in the meantime. There were quite a few off-cut arcs from the K-Span roof, which we saved, to use for this purpose.

The great thing is that the arcs are at the same radius as the roof, so the car port matches our roof perfectly. It can also be used to collect a little more rain water once our gutters and water tanks are in place.

Welding the Framework

The carport needs to be strong and safe, so a lot of work went into making it.

carport framework
First Step; the framework

Kevin welded the frame work while we were still cladding the west side of our house. Kevin needed to attach the horizontal C-channel directly to the shipping containers. It was easiest to do this before the cladding was up. Once the beams were in place, we could clad over it. We also put the cladding over the upright section of the first arc so that rainwater cannot leak into our house.

We used concrete to plant the vertical poles in the ground and we added wire stays to the end to reduce it flexing. The arcs themselves will add more structural stability and make it even stronger as a full unit.

Once we got to this stage, and the cladding was completed and the painting done, the roof arcs could be installed.

Installing the Arced Roof Plates

The method of installation was the same as for the roof of the house. Between each arc, Kevin welded in a fin onto which the arcs bolt.

fins for welding the carport roof

These are the fins that are welded onto the supporting structure, onto which the arcs bolt. The hole is where the bolt will go through the fin, between each pair of arcs.

welding the carport

Here is Kevin welding the first fin into place.

Well begun is half done!

Is the Carport Complete?

As much fun as Kevin had welding the carport, it’s not quite complete. There is still quite a bit of work to complete on the carport:

  • We still need to seam the arced roof plates together
  • Next, we will be adding some shade cloth to the sides to further keep our cars out the sun
  • We also need to look at the fascias and guttering
  • We need to complete the driveway and decide on a surface on which to park our cars

But it’s an excellent start!

Carport frame complete

4 thoughts on “Welding the Carport

  1. Those cars look so happy, sitting there in their own little house! Very nice work!

    1. As does the concrete mixer! 😁

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    1. We are very happy to hear that the article was useful for you 🙂

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