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The Container House Project Continues…

The south side/wing of our container house is about done for now, so we are moving onto the next section of our house project. This is the north side which will be Cindy’s private living space. It’s going to be very similar in shape and general layout to the south side, but in mirror image. Not only that, but we will be as incorporating as much of Cindy’s style into her space as possible. Can’t wait to get properly started on this next new section!

I can’t decide if it is more exciting to have the anticipation of a full project sub-section laid out before you, or to see all the planning, hard work and ideas coming together. They both have their own rewards. But there is something special about looking at an empty space and using your imagination to consider all the possibilities. Will the cupboards go this way or that? Will we put drawers here, or leave the wall open for other furniture? Carpets, tiles or laminate flooring? What will the layout of the bathroom be? Will we install a shower or a bath?

side view of fibre cement boards
Side view of the fibre cement boards

Preparing for the North Wing of our House Project

Before we can get too side tracked by choosing finishes and paint colours, we have to complete the basic shell. That means stepping back a bit and working on the layout, deciding where doors, cupboards and fittings will sit. From there we can work out electrical points, plumbing pipes, and windows.

rolls of electrical cable for home installation
Lots of electrical wire waiting to power the north container

Of course, once you have your plan in mind, you need the materials to actually start the work. Therefore, we’ve been busy supporting local businesses, with some funds we had set aside, and purchasing the materials we need for the general shell for the north shipping container.

new wall hung toilet bowl in box
We found a concealed cistern, wall-hung toilet set at a bargain we could not resist

Much of what we have bought has been rather uninteresting; bags of cement for the floor, lengths of steel and aluminium, fibre cement boards and chipboard for the interior cladding. But other items have been a little more interesting. We have most of the bathroom fittings, for instance. We also have all the windows and the sliding door for this side.

So, now that we are well stocked, let the hard work on this next section of our house project begin!

red reflection of shipping container on shower rose
How cool is the reflection of the roof of the container on this new shower rose?

8 thoughts on “The Container House Project Continues…

  1. I am excited to see progress on Cindy’s section.I will be watching closely.Love to u all.πŸ’žBig hugs for my friend and her kittyπŸ€—.

    1. Us too! Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. This is a very high-stakes stage. You have to think well ahead, and if you forget something small but important now, it could completely derail you later. Judging by the success of the south container, though, you have your checklists sorted!

    1. 😁 thank you for your vote of confidence

    2. SO exciting!

      1. 😁😁😁

  3. Concealed cistern makes using grey water to flush difficult. Or do you have a dedicated grey water system?

    1. We will eventually. And also chose the roof we did so we can collect rain water. Just the morning dew off the roof is impressive.

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