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A Visitor’s Perspective

visitors perspective

Today we have another guest post for you. I recently enjoyed a visit from a friend I have known for many years and don’t get to see very often. She kindly and voluntarily wrote up a guest post for this blog and although I’m sure she’s exaggerating somewhat below, we know you’ll enjoy her visitor’s perspective of our project. 

Sadly, I can’t share with you any links for Lara’s other work. Although Lara has written some very interesting pieces over the years, she’s not sharing anything online at the moment.

So, without further ado, please enjoy Lara’s perspective on our project:

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Giveaway! 85 Piece Mechanic’s Toolbox from Adendorff

mechanics toolbox

Giveaway closed.

Okay, we admit it. October’s giveaway was more for the girls than it was for the guys.

November’s giveaway is one that the guys are definitely going to want. We’ve been dropping hints for the last few weeks, but we won’t keep you in suspense anymore. It’s time for the 85 piece mechanic’s toolbox giveaway!

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Stacy’s Favourite DIY Tool

Stacys favourite diy tool header

Do we have a treat for you today! A guest post by Stacy of Sawdust & High Heels

We asked Stacy the question: What is your favourite DIY tool? Although she answered “paint”, which is not technically a “tool”, I can see where she’s going with this. Paint is the tool she uses to achieve the desired look and feel for a project she’s working on. She has had some amazing results.

Enough from me. Take it away, Stacy!

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Announcing Our Structural Engineer!

structural engineer

We are finally able to release the details of our structural engineer! Quotes have been received, documents signed and deposits paid. Full steam ahead! We are very excited about this particular structural engineer, because Kevin has worked with him before on a project. Kevin and John work well together, so we expect that this part of the project will go smoothly. Without any further ado, may we present to you, John Moll of GM Civil Engineers.

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The Changing Seasons on our Plot

changing seasons header

We’ve been living out in the countryside for six months now, and have had the privilege of enjoying several seasons already. The changes that come with the seasons have seemed much more real than it did when we lived in Cape Town. It has been a wonder-filled journey and I’ve been absolutely loving it! Here are some of the nature-filled experiences we got to enjoy.

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