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Weed Control. Petrol Brush Cutter from Adendorff

petrol brush cutter header

When we look back at our older posts, such as the one about digging holes for the container footings, it’s amazing to see how green our yard is now in comparison to when we moved onto the property. A few months of rain and we have grass and weeds growing up to our knees! We decided we had to do something about this lush foliage. A petrol powered brush cutter was our solution to the problem.

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An Oudtshoorn Distraction

Oudtshoorn header

It should only be a week or two before we hear from the Swartland Municipality and (hopefully) receive our signed plans. In order to distract ourselves from the impatience of having to wait before we can begin building work on the container house project, we decided to take a week off work and go away on a short holiday. 

Kevin and I usually take a week off in winter and go away for a bit so the timing worked out quite well. One of our favourite places to go away for a break is Oudtshoorn.

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Meet our Blog-Bot & Win a Container House Project T-Shirt

Container house proejct tshirt header

Giveaway Closed.

You may have noticed our new blog-bot appearing on some of our recent posts. His first appearance was on the post about the anvil repair. Here’s your chance to meet this little character and help us come up with a name. We’re also giving away a Container House Project T-shirt! 

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Building Site Life; Green Planet Laundry Review & Giveaway

green planet laundry review

Giveaway closed.

We are so excited to be working with Green Planet Laundry for this post’s Green Planet Laundry Review & Giveaway. You’ll find the link for the giveaway at the end of this article. Don’t forget to share the competition with your friends on social media to earn extra entries, as the more shares you send out, the higher your chances of winning. This Green Planet Laundry Giveaway is one you don’t want to miss!

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Plans Submission, Attempt Two

submitting plans

We were finally able to submit our plans to the Swartland Municipality for approval. If you read our previous article on our first attempt, you will know that this only means that our plans passed the scrutiny process. We still have to wait for the final approval before we can begin building. The plans submission process has been quite a steep learning curve for us, but this is an exciting moment because it means our house is one step closer to completion!

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Building Site Life – Laundry & Spindel Review

laundry spindel review

You know you’re an adult when… you get excited about laundry appliances. We have been facing some unusual challenges in regards to doing our laundry. I recently acquired a Spindel and decided I just had to tell you about our challenges and how the Spindel has transformed my weekends. Herewith our Spindel review.

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Anvil Repair – Part Two

anvil repair

As you likely know, Kevin spent quite a lot of time making the new heel for his old, damaged anvil and spent even more time making the hardy hole for this anvil repair. Now all that was left was to assemble all the pieces to turn the broken chunk of steel into a working anvil that he can use to sharpen (is this a pun?) his blacksmith skills to the point of being able to make us awesome fittings for our container house project. 

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How To Repair An Anvil

repair an anvil part 2

Kevin has wanted to take up blacksmithing for a very long time, and has decided that the shipping container house project is the perfect excuse to finally start learning. Kevin is going to be using his newly acquired blacksmith skills to make accessories such as hinges, door handles, curtain rails, and other decorative details for the house. I really am so excited to see what he comes up with and of course to see the results of his hard work in use. But first, he had to repair an anvil. 

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DIY: Monier Coverland’s New Dry Ridge System

dry ridge system

When we visited the Decorex earlier this year, we were extremely pleased to see Monier Coverland’s display where they were advertising an extraordinary dry ridge system. We know the company well because we at Small Scale Engineering are firm believers of their Easy Flash product – a miracle flashing product for leaky roofs, around chimney stacks, etc, etc. (Available for sale from Builders Warehouse in a variety of colours). 

However this post is about another product of theirs – a dry ridge system that blew our minds!

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Submitting Plans Attempt One – The Scrutiny

Submitting plans

We weren’t entirely sure how to go about submitting plans to the council, but one short phone call had us heading in the right direction. The first step, once the plans are drawn up, is to submit them for “scrutiny” – a word that conjours up thoughts of the kind of dingy rooms that have single flickering light-bulbs dangling from a wire. 

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