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Fitting an Aluminium Sliding Door

This past weekend was a big day for The Container House Project. We spent a day fitting an aluminium sliding door for the north container. This sliding door will lead out onto a small patio area from Cindy’s private living space. This is a big step for the project because it means we can really get to work now on finishing off this section’s interior. We have had to wait for the final finishes as we did not want any grinding or welding work to damage her finishes.

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Awesome Wood & Resin Floor

This wood and resin floor has to be the most exciting project we have worked on to date. I have been looking forward to accomplishing this task, ever since we decided to do it. It was a total experiment. But I say, chances to experiment are rare, so experiment away! Even though we had been putting this off as we were a little nervous as to how it would work out, I can now say that we are very pleased with the results. Our wood and resin floor looks awesome.

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Organising Building Materials

If you’ve never endured a major renovation project, you would probably not believe how much space building material can take up. This is definitely the case with us, especially as we have quite a lot of materials saved up for future sub-projects of the build. The only thing we could do, was spend some time organising building materials so that we could access it easily and keep our work environment safe for us all.

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2020 Review

2020 has indeed been a strange year. Most of the reviews for 2020 out there are quite negative (but also quite hilarious). Early on in the year we decided to look for silver linings regarding the Covid-19 situation. Yes, we had to watch our budget extremely carefully and we did not get to spend time with friends. But the extra time did give us the opportunity to work on The Container House Project. Therefore here’s a quick 2020 review on the work we did on our home over the last year.

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How To Survive Home Renovations

Home renovations are a nuisance. The thought of all the noise, dust, and inconvenience that seems to go on forever is enough to make many people postpone the work they would like done almost indefinitely. But, how do you survive home renovations if you decide to take the plunge, or if there’s a problem that requires urgent attention?

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DIY: Perfect Silicone Beading

Are you installing a new basin in your bathroom? Or, perhaps the silicone beading around your existing bathroom fittings or kitchen counters needs to be replaced? How do you get perfect silicone beading? Silicone beading is something that should be almost invisible. It’s usually only noticed if there’s something wrong, such as mould or low-quality initial installation.

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TCL Inverter 12000BTU Air Con Review

Our first aircon unit is up and running, just in time for summer. I can’t wait to tell you about it. And of course we’re bringing you a TCL Inverter 12000BTU Air Con Review. We bought this mid wall split unit through Basic Cooling, based in Brackenfell, Cape Town. We’ve never had an air conditioning unit installed in our home before so this really is a luxurious treat.

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