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Space Saving Bookshelf

Do you remember that I told you how much I love space saving ideas and hacks? Well, we’ve managed to incorporate our very first space saving bookshelf idea into the south container. It was awesome for myself to watch the idea come to life. Gwen and Louis now have the perfect space to store books and other small items.

Making the Most of An Awkward Situation

A standard sliding door is a little narrower than a shipping container. A shipping container is about 2.3m wide on the inside but a sliding door is usually 1.8m wide. Therefore, once the sliding door was installed, we had a small gap we needed to fill.

gap after installing sliding door in shipping container
What to do with this gap?

We could have boarded it up in a similar manner to how we filled in gaps where the previous owners of the containers had installed their windows. Or, we could use this space for something more useful. We decided to go with the second option and build a bookshelf into this space.

Recessed Bookshelf

Because the bookshelf is recessed, this section of wall is actually thinner than the other walls that have to accommodate the waves of the container sides. However, on the inside, you don’t think about it or even notice it. It’s that awesome!

bookshelf ready to install
Bookshelf ready for installation

The layers from the outside are as follows: Fibre-cement board (exterior cladding), foil insulation, foam insulation, the back of the bookshelf (16mm Melamine). We don’t need to worry about the strength of this section. Louis firmly attached the bookshelf between the steel frame that Kevin used to mount the sliding door, and the side of the container.

Should we be worried about insulation in this corner (which we are not), the books themselves will contribute too!

space saving bookshelf next to sliding door shipping container
How cozy is this?

Another Space Saving Bookshelf

Cindy’s side will have a similar layout, also with a sliding door. We like this idea so much that we’ll repeat the idea on the side of her sliding door too.

7 thoughts on “Space Saving Bookshelf

  1. Great Idea! After binge watching tiny house nation it is amazing to see how people come up with ideas to create a small space more practical andz utilising every corner as a space saver,

    1. I also love watching programmes like that. It’s wonderful how individual those tiny houses are.

      1. Absolutely!

  2. I just love that idea. I’m sure Gwenn is in her element about that book shelf.
    Lovies, Sereza O’Neill

    1. I think so! As you can see it’s already got books and things packed in it!

  3. What a crafty idea! And it doesn’t even look like a “solution to a problem” – it looks as if it was intended to be that way from the start!

    1. Best type of solution 😁

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