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Fitting an Aluminium Sliding Door

This past weekend was a big day for The Container House Project. We spent a day fitting an aluminium sliding door for the north container. This sliding door will lead out onto a small patio area from Cindy’s private living space. This is a big step for the project because it means we can really get to work now on finishing off this section’s interior. We have had to wait for the final finishes as we did not want any grinding or welding work to damage her finishes.

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Rebuilding a Concrete Mixer (Again)

Our last concrete mixer refurbishment was a bit of a flop. Despite all the work, the motor still stalled every time you tipped it over when it was running. So we had the tough decision to make; buy another concrete mixer or buy a new motor. In the interim, we hired a concrete mixer whenever we decided to pour some concrete. Then, unexpectedly, we found another second hand one at a bargain we could not refuse. Once again we found ourselves rebuilding a concrete mixer.

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Vintage Concrete Mixer Refurbishment

vintage concrete mixer refurbishment

In 1993 Louis bought a small second-hand concrete mixer. It ran off a two-stroke engine and with this contraption, he proceeded to build a house. Louis has kept the concrete mixer since then, but now, in 2019, it hadn’t run in twenty years and was in desperate need of some maintenance. Louis and Kevin decided to tackle the job of the vintage concrete mixer refurbishment. Why? Because we need to pour concrete footings for the shipping container house project.

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