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An Afternoon Break – FrozenYo Review

FrozenYo Review

Kevin and Louis have been extremely busy with various work projects. They have been working long hours in order to complete their work, and due to the current workload, not much has happened with the container house project. Therefore we decided to tell you about our favourite frozen yoghurt and waffle house. Herewith our FrozenYo Review!

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How to Repair a Damaged Water Pipe

repair damaged water pipe

According to South African law, water and waste pipes are to be buried at least 300mm below the ground. If, for some reason, the pipes cannot be buried that deep, then they must be encased in concrete. However, not all builders follow the law and when digging in the garden, you might accidentally hit a water pipe that is not buried deep enough and damage it.

This is how you repair a damaged water pipe and this method can be used with either polycop (the red plastic pipe as per the photo) or copper tubing. Continue reading How to Repair a Damaged Water Pipe

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DIY: A Water Saving Shower Head

Supersoft turbo shower head

We recently attended Decorex 2018 at the CTICC, here in Cape Town. The Decorex is a great place to hunt for inspirational products to use in our shipping container house project as well as innovative DIY products for our readers. We found a feature-rich shower head that would be of particular interest to Cape Town residents. Once again we are facing rumours of yet another water tariff increase. Therefore a water saving shower head is of interest.

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Wine Giveaway! Badsberg Pinotage 2016

badsberg pinotage giveaway

Giveaway closed.

Why is a blog about the building of a house using alternate materials running a wine giveaway?

It is quite simple. Since we took possession of the property and began working on the project, we have had no time to celebrate this fine turn of events. We are now property owners and that’s huge! A great way to celebrate is by enjoying a good meal accompanied by a great bottle of wine, along with some close family and/or friends. We are therefore looking for someone who wants to celebrate with us and have set aside a gift for one of our readers; an awesome bottle of wine from one of our favourite Western Cape wine farms – Badsberg! Hence, the wine giveaway. 

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Drawing House Plans for the Container House Project

Drawing house plans

Have you ever wondered why architects study for so many years? When it comes to house plans a lot has to be taken into consideration in order to have a finished house that is strong, safe and can withstand any geological and climate events that take place in the building-to-be’s area.

Other factors also have to be considered such as the soil type, existing structures, property boundaries, and the area’s legislation. One also has to factor in what is physically possible and building problems that might arise with unusual ideas and awkward plots (e.g. lots of boulders or a steep incline).

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A Shipping Container Delivery for our House Project

shipping container house delivery of containers

After much anticipation we had a shipping container delivery take place at our house site. This delivery marks the arrival of the first two containers that will actually eventually be used as living space. A very exciting moment in the beginning stages of our container house project!

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