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Lattice Girder Installation

What do you do when your structural engineer asks you to put in another supporting beam after the roof has been installed? Well, you install one, of course! Our next step, therefore, was to work on the lattice girder installation. A lattice girder would be lighter and cheaper than an I-beam and just as strong.

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How We Levelled the K-Span Roof

Kevin came up with an ingenious way to level the K-Span roof. And it is looking beautiful! With a standard roof, the roof plates or tiles rely on the beams and trusses underneath to keep it level. If a standard roof is not straight, you know you have a problem with the underlying structure. With a beamless system, such as the K-Span, it’s a little different. The K-Span roof is self-supporting and therefore just needed some adjustment to get it level.

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The Best Scaffolding To Complete the K-Span Roof

We hired a lot of scaffolding in order to complete the work on the K-Span Roof. We hired our favourite system because we believe it to be the best type available in South Africa. Do you want to know what three and a half tonnes of scaffolding looks like? Read on…

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The K-Span Roof Installation

The day that the K-Span roofing machine arrived on site was a day of great excitement for everyone involved. This marked the start of our K-Span roof installation; a prototype and the first of its type in South Africa. We were all looking forward to seeing the planning that had taken place come to fruition and to see our technical drawings come to life.

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Weather Proofing the Container House

Swartland Municipality want our shipping container house to be clad so it doesn’t look like a stack of shipping containers from the outside. We’re quite happy with this because cladding will help with insulation. But, it does mean that we have to take some extra precautions in regards to weather proofing the container house.

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