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Workshop Setup Tips

Since we completed the North Container and we have a bit more living space, we’ve been spending our time shuffling everything around. The goal is to make a more permanent workshop for Small Scale Engineering. For our readers that have dealt with the business side of SSE, you probably know that we have a metal-working workshop in Epping, Cape Town. However, most of the wood work happens at home. Kevin has been thinking about the best workshop setup tips as he constructs an awesome word work workshop. We thought we’d share his thoughts with you.

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Container House Reveal: North Side Video

If you have been following our blog you’ll know that the container house reveal for the north side of our house was eminent. Well, here it is! This side is 99.9% complete. There’s a tiny bit of silicon sealing work that we must complete, and some possible snags (we shall see). But otherwise, totally live-able and super comfortable. Our hard work has paid off and Kevin and I secretly think that this might end up the most comfortable sub-section of the project.

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Tips for Hanging Cupboard Doors

Cupboard doors are one of the best inventions ever! And I would know. Currently, our clothes are being stored in a cupboard without doors, and dust is a huge problem. It is amazing how this seemingly-minor inconvenience can give you a new appreciation for something as everyday as cupboard doors. But we have started hanging some of our doors. Therefore we decided to share some tips for hanging cupboard doors. Cupboard doors are great, and if they are installed well, they’re even better.

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Tiling The Shower Floor With Hexagonal Tiles

Kevin could not wait to get to tiling the shower floor with the hexagonal tiles he spent so many hours cutting to size. Guess what we spent this past weekend doing? Yes, you guessed right! We were tiling. Well, technically, Kevin was tiling while Gwen and I passed tiles and tools, and helped with the cleaning up. But this was super because I also couldn’t wait to see how the floor would turn out.

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Up-cycle Second Hand Broken Tiles

Not too long ago, Louis renovated a bathroom for one of Small Scale Engineering’s clients. The previous tiler used large, good quality ceramic tiles for this bathroom. Although all the tiles, but one, broke on removal, Louis brought the old tiles back home in the hopes that we might be able to use them on the Container House Project. How exactly would one up-cycle second hand broken tiles?

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Fitting an Aluminium Sliding Door

This past weekend was a big day for The Container House Project. We spent a day fitting an aluminium sliding door for the north container. This sliding door will lead out onto a small patio area from Cindy’s private living space. This is a big step for the project because it means we can really get to work now on finishing off this section’s interior. We have had to wait for the final finishes as we did not want any grinding or welding work to damage her finishes.

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