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New Motor Unboxing & Finally Some Concrete

After several months of fighting with concrete mixers and much frustration, we donned our face masks and drove to Adendorff Machinery Mart where we bought a new petrol motor. After all the problems, the arrival of our new motor seemed a momentous occasion; so much so that we took a series of motor unboxing photos. Finally (spoiler alert!), some of the concrete that we require is mixed and poured with our very own mixer (and not a hired one).

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Rebuilding a Concrete Mixer (Again)

Our last concrete mixer refurbishment was a bit of a flop. Despite all the work, the motor still stalled every time you tipped it over when it was running. So we had the tough decision to make; buy another concrete mixer or buy a new motor. In the interim, we hired a concrete mixer whenever we decided to pour some concrete. Then, unexpectedly, we found another second hand one at a bargain we could not refuse. Once again we found ourselves rebuilding a concrete mixer.

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Beautiful Solid Wood Counter Tops

One of Louis’ speciality woodworking skills is in the making of solid wood counter tops. So, of course, we have to include this in our container home. It makes an interesting, warmer alternative to granite tops, and is especially of interest if you find stone too cold. It takes quite some time to turn rough planks into a finished product, but is well worth the effort.

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Our First Floor! FinFloor Black Forest Laminate

We recently installed our very first real floor in the container house. We used FinFloor Black Forest laminate, and I must say, we are impressed with this product, but not surprised. Small Scale Engineering has installed FinFloor products for clients previously and know exactly what sort of quality we can expect; extremely high quality.

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Emergency Lockdown Home Office Reveal

This blog post is coming to you live from our new emergency lockdown home office!

If you are one of my Instagram followers, you’ll know that we spent much of Level 5 of South Africa’s Coronavirus lockdown working on our lockdown home office; just in case. Things are a little uncertain at the moment. An office would make a good bedroom if someone close to us found themselves out of work and in need of accommodation. Or, we could use as originally intended – an office or study.

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Soundproofing Bedrooms

One of our concerns, when we began building the container house, was soundproofing the bedrooms. As we will be living communally, we run the risk of having to live with each other’s noise. What do you do if you want to sleep, but others want to watch an action movie? Since moving to the country, we have also come to the realization that many of our neighbours like to listen to loud music long into the night, which can make it difficult to sleep.

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Our First Bathroom; Tiling Fibre Cement Boards

Lockdown has meant that we can work on finishing the South container for Louis and Gwen. And that means working on their private bathroom! it has been awesome watching the bathroom progress as each day passes. But it also meant that we had to work out the best way for tiling fibre cement boards. There is a correct way and then there’s our lockdown way…

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How to Fit PVC Ceilings

All our electrics start off at the main distribution board and then spread out to smaller distribution boards in other areas of the house. This allows us to isolate any electrical fault and fix it, should the need arise. We didn’t want to do too much living around the main DB, so have built a tiny laundry room around the main distribution board. We will, in time, be using this little room to experiment with several ideas we have on finishes. But in the meantime, it’s a good opportunity to show you how to fit PVC Ceilings.

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