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The Future of Concrete Using Plastic Waste

Future of concrete

By 2030, the UN is hoping that every individual country will be able to eliminate single-use plastic. That end goal is fantastic. However, It doesn’t do much for the tonnes and tonnes of plastic waste sitting in our land fills and city streets at this very moment. An innovative team has come up with an interesting solution. Their idea is use up this plastic waste in the building industry and their ideas are the future of concrete!

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The Stress of Transporting Shipping Containers

transporting shipping containers

We’ve been collecting shipping containers for our house project over the last year and recently we’ve had another two delivered to our property. As exciting as it is having the containers arrive on site, I find delivery day quite tense. So, we thought we’d tell you about the stress of transporting shipping containers.

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Building Site Cooking Tips

building site cooking tips

For generations, people cooked their food with minimal kitchen equipment. I think that this proves that we need surprisingly little in order to have a workable kitchen. However, we have become accustomed to our many and varied kitchen gadgets and utensils, so the thought of not having all that equipment while living on a building site can be a bit daunting. This leads us to the question: What exactly do you need in order to cook while living on a building site? We decided to write up some of our building site cooking tips.

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Vintage Concrete Mixer Refurbishment

vintage concrete mixer refurbishment

In 1993 Louis bought a small second-hand concrete mixer. It ran off a two-stroke engine and with this contraption, he proceeded to build a house. Louis has kept the concrete mixer since then, but now, in 2019, it hadn’t run in twenty years and was in desperate need of some maintenance. Louis and Kevin decided to tackle the job of the vintage concrete mixer refurbishment. Why? Because we need to pour concrete footings for the shipping container house project.

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Digging for the Footings Again


I might have mentioned once or twice on this blog that having a clay soil causes a few complications when building. A few months ago we dug some holes where we wanted to plant the concrete footings on which our container house would sit. However we didn’t have the the final specs from the structural engineer and were unable to finish the work. We are glad we did dig the holes though, because it gave us a good opportunity to examine the soil type; all information useful for us and the structural engineer. Now we have received the final specs for the shipping container house footings from the structural engineer, John Moll, so can continue the work.

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