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Weather Proofing the Container House

Swartland Municipality want our shipping container house to be clad so it doesn’t look like a stack of shipping containers from the outside. We’re quite happy with this because cladding will help with insulation. But, it does mean that we have to take some extra precautions in regards to weather proofing the container house.

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Nissan 1400 Project is Complete!

We have been very grateful to have another car with which to run errands and get to places. The Nissan 1400 that Kevin spent so many hours repairing, has proved to be such a fun little get-a-round vehicle. My favourite part of the project has been the interior, probably because I had a chance to work on this section of the restoration.

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Positioning Shipping Containers

The one day I’ve been most nervous about was the day that we were finally ready to work on the positioning of the shipping containers. Would everything run smoothly on the day we finally placed the containers in their final resting places? Was I right to be nervous? We’ll let you decide …

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The Advantages of Aluminium Door and Window Frames

RDA Aluminium header

From the start of our container house project, our choice in door and window frames has been a no-brainer. There was no question between any of us as to what type of material we would choose for our frames between wood, steel or aluminium; we are using aluminium. There are so many advantages of using aluminium door and window frames on your projects, over wood or steel. Have a read and let us know what you would choose for your own projects!

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Casting the Concrete Footings!

casting concrete footings

Almost exactly one year after we moved onto our plot, we could finally get on with casting the concrete footings. We were very excited! I keep on going outside to admire Louis’ handiwork because this really is a big deal. Our future house will be standing on those very blocks of concrete. All this hard work, that is now behind us, will keep our house straight and secure. Even though they will soon be buried under dirt and the shipping containers, this is what will support the weight of the house above.

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