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Up-cycle Second Hand Broken Tiles

Not too long ago, Louis renovated a bathroom for one of Small Scale Engineering’s clients. The previous tiler used large, good quality ceramic tiles for this bathroom. Although all the tiles, but one, broke on removal, Louis brought the old tiles back home in the hopes that we might be able to use them on the Container House Project. How exactly would one up-cycle second hand broken tiles?

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Awesome Wood & Resin Floor

This wood and resin floor has to be the most exciting project we have worked on to date. I have been looking forward to accomplishing this task, ever since we decided to do it. It was a total experiment. But I say, chances to experiment are rare, so experiment away! Even though we had been putting this off as we were a little nervous as to how it would work out, I can now say that we are very pleased with the results. Our wood and resin floor looks awesome.

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Custom Bathroom Fittings

It’s amazing how towel rails and toilet roll holders can transform a bathroom from a nice space into a wonderful space. It’s not really something I would have thought makes such a difference. However, for the north container bathroom, Kevin manufactured some custom bathroom fittings and after installation I was amazed at the transformation.

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2020 Review

2020 has indeed been a strange year. Most of the reviews for 2020 out there are quite negative (but also quite hilarious). Early on in the year we decided to look for silver linings regarding the Covid-19 situation. Yes, we had to watch our budget extremely carefully and we did not get to spend time with friends. But the extra time did give us the opportunity to work on The Container House Project. Therefore here’s a quick 2020 review on the work we did on our home over the last year.

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Problems! Used Shower Enclosure Installation

A used shower enclosure, of excellent quality, came into our possession a few months ago. We carefully stored it somewhere safe. Impatiently, we waited for the day we could pull it out for installation in one of our bathrooms. The north container turned out to the perfect bathroom for this amazing shower set. But we encountered some unexpected problems.

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Fitting a Close Coupled Toilet (Guest Bathroom)

Kevin says that plumbing is a thankless job. If you do it correctly, it’ll all be covered up and no one will ever appreciate your flawless joins and straight pipes. He’s right. Plumbing is one of those things you don’t want to think about it. Thinking about it usually means there’s a problem such as a water leak. But despite this, Kevin and Louis have been hard at work on the plumbing for the guest bathroom including fitting a close coupled toilet.

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